Placement Facilities & Options

Any parent with a troubled teen knows how difficult life can be. Some try to remedy their teen’s problems themselves, only to find out they lack the expertise. Others take them to a therapist only to find that hasn’t helped. Parents who’ve tried everything they can but nothing seems to work may consider one of the many types of adolescent placement programs.

Parent with troubled teens should become aware of the options they have. Every adolescent has a unique personality, lifestyle, and not all have the same problems. Thus, a program best for one may not be right for all. Choosing the wrong program may cause him/her to behave even worse afterwards than before. Some programs are more expensive than others and can be burdensome on the family’s finances. Therefore special considerations must then be taken before sending your child away somewhere.

Therapeutic boarding schools are a popular choice for some parents. These facilities are generally more expensive than behavior modification schools but their finer advantages are worth paying for. Not all of them work with behavioral problematic adolescents so if your child is defiant and you’re considering a particular school it’s best to find out if they do. If your teen doesn’t like talking to therapists in general, he/she may refuse to speak to one in a residential setting. If a teen is suicidal they are usually willing to open up and share their feelings. They may have the tendency to do harm to themselves and must be placed under close supervision. Other teens simply express suicidal intentions as a way to get out of a troublesome situation or just to manipulate their parents. They are best placed in a behavioral modification school.

Boot camps and military schools are alternative options in placing troubled teens. They are physically rigorous and intended more for teens who need a high degree of discipline. Such places require that a teen gets good grades and has references from teachers. Defiant teens would not succeed in this type of setting and are most likely to be expelled. Military schools are best for teens that have an interest in joining them. Most schools run a one year term requiring tuition to be paid in advance and do not offer refunds if the teen is expelled.

Wilderness programs may seem like an attractive option since camping out is popular. Teens may one an opportunity to get out of the house, but not all like to rough it. This is best for spoiled teens who take modern-day conveniences as soft beds, hot running water, or heat for granted. Participants are forced to hike and sleep on the ground at night. If not properly prepared some teens become ill or die. Wilderness programs would not be suitable for those with severe health problems.

So, finding the best placement program for your teen depends on the teen himself. First, consider his problems and character before making a decision. Second, check out the cost and funding options available. Finally, find out how successful the organization is. If you’re still not sure, seek out professional advice.